Pulled Chicken Recipe (BBQ Oven Pulled Chicken)

Simple BBQ Oven Pulled Chicken is so straightforward, and you can utilize it in a huge load of different plans. Like destroyed chicken, broiler pulled chicken bosom makes delightful sandwiches, tortilla wraps, tacos, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!


Bar-b-que Pulled Chicken is loaded with flavor and the ruler of make-ahead plans. Its simple to prepare toward the start of the week and fly into the broiler at whatever point you are prepared. You can even prepare it and hold up it for what’s to come!

You can stuff this pulled chicken in potatoes, or make a BBQ chicken sandwich the two of which I enthusiastically suggest. Be that as it may, its likewise incredible completely all alone too with bunches of your most loved bar-b-que sides.

This Pulled Chicken is completely delicate and succulent, and this simple natively constructed BBQ sauce/preparing is the genuine article. You dont must have a barbecue to make BBQ chicken similar flavors can be accomplished with the stove also!


What do you really want for this BBQ pulled chicken? Get these fixings:

Chicken Breast: Use boneless skinless chicken bosom.


Salt and Fresh Ground Black Pepper

Earthy colored Sugar

Flavors: Chili Powder, Garlic Powder, Dry Mustard and Paprika


Pureed tomatoes

Tomato Paste

White Wine Vinegar

Worcestershire Sauce

Would i be able to make this sugar free?

Indeed, you can! I suggest utilizing whatever sugar free sugar you actually prefer to use instead of the earthy colored sugar in the sauce formula.

Start with a bit, taste it, and add more until you arrive at the ideal pleasantness level. Keep in mind, you can generally add more, yet you cannot take it out!

The most effective method to MAKE OVEN PULLED CHICKEN

Get ready: Preheat the broiler to 350F.

Cut: Cut a couple of cuts across every one of the chicken bosoms about inch down. Spot the chicken on a baking plate. Put away.

Blend: Place the remainder of the fixings in an enormous bowl, ideally one with a pour spout, and blend well to consolidate.

Pour Sauce: Pour the sauce uniformly over the chicken bosoms being certain to maneuver some toward the cuts. There is a ton of sauce, yet use everything!

Heat: Cook for 40 to 45 minutes, until the chicken is cooked through.

Shred: Place the chicken into an enormous bowl and shred it utilizing two forks or a hand blender with mixers for a speedy way of destroying the chicken!

Blend Extra Sauce: Scoop up any excess sauce from the baking plate and blend it into the destroyed chicken.

Serve: Serve pulled chicken with buns, coleslaw, stuffed in potatoes or over rice!


Pulling the chicken bosom separated is so natural; you can utilize:

Forks: hold a fork in each hand, and pull the chicken separated into little strips or pieces.

A Stand Mixer: place the chicken in a bowl and blend on a low speed utilizing the oar connection. It just takes about a moment.

Hand Mixer: same as a stand blender, place chicken in a bowl and use mixers to gradually shred chicken.

Your Hands: after the chicken cools, utilize your hands to pull separated the chicken. This strategy is the most straightforward way of controlling the size of the strips.


How would it be advisable for you to help the best pulled chicken?

Cut Deep Cuts Into Chicken Breasts: you need to ensure you make those profound cuts into the chicken bosoms prior to covering them with your hand crafted sauce. This assists them with actually absorbing the sauce!

Let Chicken Cool A Little Before Shredding: If the chicken is too hot it will lose its juices, and you may consume your hands. All things considered, it ought to likewise still be warm in light of the fact that chilly chicken is hard to shred.

Utilize a Meat Thermometer: A meat thermometer will tell you when the chicken is cooked through, guaranteeing your chicken isnt dry or extreme!

Making Pulled Chicken Thighs: You can make this formula with chicken thighs, yet the cook time should be longer. I prescribe utilizing a thermometer to ensure you do cook them impeccably!


Pulled chicken can be presented with a great deal of sides, however a portion of my top choices are

Macintosh and Cheese

Prepared Beans

Barbecued Vegetables

Corn Casserole

Side Salad

Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad

Singed Apples

For a solid lunch or supper, attempt this BBQ chicken in a Lettuce Wrap!


Broiler pulled chicken can be put away in the cooler for around 3-4 days. You can warm it up again in a skillet, or you can microwave it, contingent upon how long you have.

Would i be able to FREEZE PULLED CHICKEN?

Indeed! Pulled chicken can be frozen for 2-3 months in an impenetrable holder or cooler sacks. When youre prepared to utilize it once more, simply defrost it short-term in the cooler.

You can likewise dinner prep or freeze this formula:

You can likewise prepare this Pulled Chicken right until the progression where you pop it into the stove. Rather than baking it, you can store it in the ice chest or freeze it.

So if your chickens sell by date is in a couple of days, you can securely store the prepared dish in the ice chest for as long as 48 hours. Make a point to cover it with cling wrap or foil while in the ice chest. Then, at that point, simply prepare following bearings.

To freeze it: add everything to a cooler amicable ziplock sack and lay it level in the cooler to freeze. This formula can remain frozen for as long as 90 days. 2 days before you are prepared to heat the chicken, move it to the ice chest to defrost. When defrosted, pop it into a goulash dish and prepare as indicated by bearings!

Broiler pulled chicken on sandwich buns.

I am so energized for you all to attempt this simple BBQ Pulled Chicken formula! Its detonating with flavor from that custom made bar-b-que sauce thus simple to make.

Kindly leave an audit (or even a photograph!) beneath in the remarks telling me how this one shows up for you!