Rotisserie in Broiler

greetings everybody culinary specialist Anton here at the

Robinson Experience Center today we’re, shooting one more segment in the learning

series from dr. what we will do, today is we will do a broiled

chicken in December every last bit of it in the, rotisserie setting so folks what I have

here is I got a chicken previously screwed, up here I got a fast flavoring

some mustard some sugar some salt just, apply generously folks can utilize any rubs

need make it fun you know have a good time, with this so this present person’s good to go

it’s completely chrome plated up we should take it right

from the up OK roll divider broiler slide, that person down for our chicken here

we can’t have any desire to do is carry this out, simply whip it right great low consume on here

I have the rack prepared so we’re simply, going to get it slide this person out

overall quite simple ensure it rests right, on the arms and put this person directly in

here slide directly in so it looks lifted a, tad OK you’re acceptable so presently it’s

going to look out for the offset, here ensure it’s secured

here how about we fly this person all in, we should discuss the engine a little opening

in the back here we’ll pivot it in, to arrange openings to ensure it’s

locked so presently it’s locked ensure it’s

locked here to turn our trickle skillet, under get all the integrity simple

shut component on the broiler you got to , love that right now on the Left we’re to

scroll it right to rotisserie right this, fellow right to 350 alright turn the light on

look at it now if you do any of these

steps well a blunder light will go up, simply implies that you know by the same token

something’s not arranged effectively or, you don’t have it the right

temperature of 350 or over OK.

folks so we can stay here watch this person, turn and I’ll really get moving to

earthy colored delectable I felt free to do, another for you all so really look at this

fellow out

so here’s the completed item here’s, sort of what you get I see this extraordinary

rotisserie chicken it’s fun and simple, that is your attempted at home come on in the

display area and look at it give us a few, shares give us some light thanks to such an extent