Step by step instructions to Make Ground Beef and Potatoes Skillet

Stacked with veggies and shrouded in melty cheddar, this Ground Beef and Potatoes Skillet is a good one container feast the entire family will adore!

As guardians, with the class kickoff season approaching ahead, were all focusing on prior sleep times, which additionally implies prior suppers. I’m bidding farewell to summer evenings when I didnt contemplate supper until 7 PM and afterward tossed a few popsicles at the youngster and called it great. The days ahead will require somewhat seriously arranging, however that geeky part of me who cherished returning to school as a child is as yet amped up for a re-visitation of construction and schedule.

My cherished suppers for this season are straightforward and whine free, however adequately good to fulfill on cooler fall evenings. While we eat our reasonable portion of burgers over the mid year, I wind up cooking with hamburger substantially more in the fall and winter.


Speedy cooking ground hamburger loans itself well to swarm satisfying suppers that are basic, quick, and make for some incredible extras. For some simple ground hamburger supper thoughts, you cannot turn out badly by staying with the nuts and bolts like Classic Spaghetti and Meatballs, Moms Green Bean Chili, Hobo Dinner Foil Packets, or some Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes.

Yet, why stop there? Take your feast up a score with a meal like this Johnny Marzetti, lunch-box cordial plans like Cheesy Ground Beef Empanadas, and obviously, our family top choices like Walking Tacos, Cottage Cheese Lasagna, or 30 Minute Ground Beef Gyros.

I love to purchase our ground hamburger in mass, either at the supermarket or through buying a portion of meat. Ive composed before about the most common way of purchasing a side of meat previously. Its not so scary as it might appear, and we love the cash investment funds and accommodation of having hamburger in the cooler all year. All things considered, if purchasing a side of hamburger isnt for you, there are a lot of alternate ways of saving money on meat also!


For this formula, two of my solace food top choices (ground hamburger and potatoes) consolidate with a large number of different veggies to make a solitary skillet supper that is ideally suited for occupied weeknights. I like to consider this Ground Beef and Potatoes Skillet the speedy, burner likeness a ground meat meal formula.

Its rich and filling, and all youll need is:

A pound of ground meat,

A couple of potatoes,

A little supporting cast of veggies (corn, onion, carrots),

A little stock, Worcestershire sauce, and tomato glue,

A cutting board,

A solitary skillet,

Furthermore, around 40 minutes to unite everything.

Whenever I first made this, the Mr. said he needed it to be significantly more appetizing, so I amped up the character with additional hamburger stock, Worcestershire sauce, and tomato glue. I generally disregard the force of tomato glue, however its actually an overlooked yet truly great individual in the character office. Give it an opportunity to caramelize and mellow with your different vegetables, and youll be compensated with a rich punch of umami that is exactly what the Mr. requested.


This ground meat and potatoes skillet is a truly adaptable formula that is asking for you to make it your own. Start with your base of sauted ground meat and onions, then, at that point, substitute different elements for whatever you have available.

Yams could be a great sub for white potatoes. In the colder time of year, nix the corn and attempt frozen peas all things considered. Green beans and celery could likewise be extraordinary increments.

I nearly didnt cover this skillet with cheddar and cook it, and afterward I thought, Who am I joking? Everything is better with melty cheddar. Furthermore, that was absolutely the situation with this dish. A couple of moments under the grill gave this meal/stew half breed the ideal fresh, messy, brilliant earthy colored hull.

The last dish was an immense hit with the entire family, including the 3 year old, who ate a bigger number of vegetables in this one feast than I might suspect he ordinarily eats in seven days. (Would i be able to get a Hallelujah?)


At the point when you put ground hamburger, potatoes, veggies, and cheddar together in one formula, some kind of puzzling wizardry occurs. You can go all over, and find varieties of these fixings in ground meat and potato plans everywhere. Of course, a few societies will utilize rice or pasta (rather than potatoes), and where hamburger isnt utilized, other exquisite components step in. Be that as it may, the subject of a one container, solace food, simple and complete dinner remains constant all through the globe.

So the following time you prepare a goulash, or end up partaking in this ground hamburger and potatoes skillet, consider briefly that you are associated with a practice traversing ages and landmasses! (*pause and reflect *sigh) Now back to the current formula!

In the event that youre simply searching for a good, fast, and spending plan cordial feast to serve your hangry family this school year kickoff season, most certainly check this ground hamburger and potato formula out. Also, in the event that you really want a few hints on utilizing ground hamburger, or motivation for another incredible ground meat formula, look at my gathering of simple Ground Beef Recipes or my Beef Recipes Roundup (for thoughts on the most proficient method to utilize ANY cut of meat).

At whatever point you buy and cook with Ohio hamburger, youre supporting not simply the 17,000 meat cultivating families in our state however a whole local area of entrepreneurs, creature guardians, nutritionists, and hippies who are focused on furnishing you and your family with protected, nutritious hamburger.